Some of the Rotigel's Engines

11 HP Austral

1926 United States Air Compressor

5 HP Ottawa Drag Saw

Massey Harris Pacer tractor

Dave's 20 HP Famous

Dave's Ideal

Dave's Overland

Dave's 16 HP Galloway

Dave's New 15 HP Domestic

Dave's New 16 HP Galloway

Mike's Monarch

Dave's Bessemer

Dave's Bessemer (The Big Move)

Dan Rotigel with his 2 hp Witte.

Dan's 1923 Witte.

Mike Rotigel with his first Maytag.

Dave's 8 HP Witte.

Chip Vickers with his 1 1/2 hp Economy.

Mike's Bolens Before Restoration.
Mike's Bolens After Restoration.

My 5 HP Economy Before Restoration.
My 5 HP Economy After Restoration.

One of My Current projects.

Mini Engine Show.

Dave's Galloway

Dave's 12 HP Hercules (how we found it)

Dave's 12 HP Hercules

Dave's 1922 4 HP Domestic

Dave's 4 HP Headless
More pictures to come, check back soon!