Coolspring 2001

MVC-729X.JPG (205969 bytes)
Dave Rotigel with Tommy Turner and Tommy's "cam stopper"
MVC-730F.JPG (83497 bytes)
Bill Lopoulos taking care of business
MVC-731F.JPG (86050 bytes)
Bill Fixes a mag
MVC-732F.JPG (80104 bytes)
The smile tells you it's HOT!
MVC-733F.JPG (93181 bytes)
Steve and Sandy Wagner
MVC-734F.JPG (111441 bytes)
Bill Lopoulos actually had running engines!
MVC-735F.JPG (100646 bytes)
John Fankhouser "tweeks" one of his models
MVC-736F.JPG (99281 bytes)
The 16 HP Galloway NOT blowing a head gasket
MVC-737F.JPG (105562 bytes)
Dave DeWitt (VA Dave) at left, Paul Gray, Jennifer DeWitt and Cindy DeWitt

MVC-738F.JPG (104608 bytes)
Glenn Karch
MVC-739F.JPG (86117 bytes)
Fridays group picture
MVC-742F.JPG (97321 bytes)
Bill Lopoulos doing what he does BEST!
MVC-743F.JPG (93648 bytes)
Repairing mags is HARD WORK
MVC-744F.JPG (111022 bytes)
Frank DeWitt and Roger (?) show up
MVC-745F.JPG (88150 bytes)
"Maytag Mark's" area--the pretty one is Karen
MVC-746F.JPG (91391 bytes)
"Maytag Mark" was feeling NO PAIN!
MVC-749F.JPG (98277 bytes)
Leroy and Nancy Goodwin of OFES fame
MVC-751F.JPG (91724 bytes)
Saturdays group picture--Bill FINALLY woke up!
MVC-752F.JPG (76302 bytes)
DJ and the Galloway (still with the same head gasket!)
MVC-753F.JPG (100883 bytes)
Saturdays Group picture w/Maytag Mark--after he came to!