Here is my newest TOY. It's a 15 HP Domestic, built in 1914. It has an original "push button" start, and an original generator that allows the battery to be disconnected after the engine is up to speed. I now have the starting procedure down to an art!

1. Pump the fuel pump by hand to get the gas up into the carb.

2. Open the compression release and prime the engine.

3. Leaving the compression release open, pull the engine through (completely) once.

4. Stop the rotation at 45 degrees AT DC.

5. Close the compression release.

6. Throw the switch connecting the buzz coil to the battery.

7. Push the "start" button activating the buzz coil.

8. BANG--and away she goes! First time, every time!

The "Magic Button"

The generator engaged.

Dan presses the "magic" button and BANG!

The head and side shaft cam.

Front view of the engine.