My first exposure to Ford Tractors was at Amodeo Bros. Sunoco gas station in Marlboro, NY. I worked there from High School, through College and for a while after that.  Nearly 10 years in all.  It was a great place to work and I learned volumes about work ethic and life in general.  It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.  The Amodeos own a 671 Workmaster.  It lacks the shiny paint of some other tractors shown here, but it still runs great.  The fact that this is really the first tractor I can remember plays no small part in my appreciation for Ford tractors, and Select-O-Speed Transmissions.  Note the same hydraulic plow setup as the tractor on the previous page.




The Amodeos use this tractor regularly for plowing snow and moving dirt. In the 10 years I worked there I only saw it break down once, snapping an axle while plowing dirt.  I’ve never seen one fail like that since.  Note the pie weights on the rear wheels.  They are a great way to add weight to the rear wheels for extra traction.  These weight kits are getting pricier and harder to find.