Bridgeport modifications.

. Winding up the mill table is a rotten chore at the best of times. What with the arm and age, etc. I thought it about time to do something to make life a bit easier.
WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I now have no sweat on the brow after winding the table
up the full travel. The summer temps here are NOT suited to hard effort!!
The bottom sprocket has a pin drive that releases for the handle to be used. The motor unit is out of an old washing machine. Dunno what sort as it was donated by Phil Dorman, a longtime mate. Col Howells and myself worked together on the setting up. I made end covers for the motor to block the openings against swarf and dirt, and made the switch box to cover the other vents, so now it is fairly well sealed against 'nasties' it doesn't run long enough to heat up. The chain and sprockets came out of an old photocopier. So, sideways thinking and the junkbox win again!!

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