One third scale New Holland

 single flywheel

Full SizeWorkshopEngine Shed

A while back I got a request from David Abbott in England for some spare
plans that he could work from to build a model engine.
After a chat, he agreed to rescale this model from the half size plans.
He made the patterns and did the casting in his shed.
As he is a real gentleman, he did two sets of castings and sent me one lot.
So, we worked on them sort of together and helped each other out with the
The end result is that there are two 1/3rd size models in existence, one in
Oz and one in UK.
I bow my head to the pattern making and casting skills of David. We have
formed a lasting friendship from this project.
With 1 1/2" bore and 8 1/2" flywheel, it is a nice sized model and really
runs well.
As is usual, John Hughs made the reduced nameplates.
Always a perfect job!