Mery Engine

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Being a member of the ATIS engine list, I took note of a request by Luke
Tonneberger for someone to help him get a Mery model.
After a chat, I agreed to make him one if he supplied the castings, etc. for
Thus started a MAJOR project!
The castings and plans were duly supplied by Roland Morrison and I was in at
the deep end!!
At this point I must state that the castings, plans and backup friendship
from this source was amazing! Really right on!
I found the machining of this project so far different from the usual I/C
model that I took many, many pics of how I did things, in the belief that
they might help a later builder. They are in this and the next two pages of
this section.
I am 'lucky' in that I chose to buy a full size Bridgeport mill.
This choice has made life SO much better for me in the time I have owned it.
I fitted full Digital readouts to it and I smile every time I do a job on
The castings were top quality and I had no worries with them.
I DID find that I needed to measure, think, measure, think again. Think yet
again, before I ever started to do a cut.
It IS the quickest way in the end!!!
To conclude, there are a lot of ways to 'finish' this model, and that is one
of its attractions!
Both of the ones I made run well and impressed the onlookers at the
'handover' at the Portland Show.  Click HERE for a short video of Luke's Mery.

Click here for more Mery pictures