Half size Aermotor

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Well over a year ago, a friend in England and I started on a combined project.
I have a full size Aermotor and, having built two 3/8 size and been unhappy about them,
I contacted Dave Abbott ( metalworker@tiscali.co.uk) and we worked on making a
half size model. I sent hundreds of emails with sizes, pics, etc.etc. to Dave, and he drew up
plans, made patterns, and finally, he cast two sets out of aluminium. One for him and one
for me. We have been working on the machining for a while now but, me, having more time,
(Retired, ya know!) finally got mine running today.(Mon. 22 Jan. 07). There is an aside to
this tale. Art Weston, who owns a couple of my models, lives not too far from Dave. I told
him of the project and he said, "Send him over. I have an Aermotor in MY collection!!!
All that measuring and mailing!! So, Dave went and checked our efforts. We did not do
too badly, as everything was just about right. At this time, there are only two half size
of this engine in existence. (As far as I am aware). Mine is the first to be running!
(I bet Dave aint far behind!) To coin a phrase, "It dont get much better than this!"
The good news is that Dave might be selling castings in the near future. If I had to pick
a "Best model", this would come very close! Life is good!!



To view a video of this engine running, click HERE