Building the Buzacott

Useable machining setups for making the Buzacott model.
In general, these examples can apply to any model construction.

The following is intended as a guide to help aspiring modelmakers with a few ideas for setups. I am only offering my methods as one way of achieving a reasonable result. As I have now built 9 of these models, I have found the following setups to be effective in producing a good working model. I must stress that there is no way to take short cuts or be less than spot on with your machining. Errors MUST be rectified as you go along or you can be sure they will show up near the end of the job and DEMAND to be rectified then!

A couple of points that may be of help. Bore and counterbore the block. THEN make the liner o/d to suit. Also, it is easier to fit the piston to the liner than the other way round.Make the o/d of the mains to fit the block. IE, do the block first.

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Above left: The basic casting set. center: Machining flywheels. right: Crankshaft silversoldered prior to machining in lathe.


Above left: Crankshaft being taper turned for flywheel grip. center: Cutting recess for tank base to fit. right: Facing the tank/base.


Above left: Facing the block base. center: Drilling the bearing cap bolt holes. right: Drilling the main bearing holes. (These are then reamed to size)


-Above left: Machining the block to take the points bracket. center: Boring the block for the liner. right: Counterboring for the larger diameter of the liner.


Above left: Facing the inside of the block. center and right: Machining of the head.


Above left: Machining of the head. center and right: Turning cylinder liners from solid cast iron stock.


Above left: Milling the cam. right: The blocks with the heads in place.



------Above left: A general view of finished bits ready for assembly. The odd shaped bits on the right are the point brackets. right: All the major machining work is now done. Time for painting and assembly.




Here is a view of the finished product.