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Hi. Thank you for visiting Reg and Marg Ingold's homepage. We live just outside Newcastle. N.S.W, Australia. Marg is an avid Bridge player and I am an 80 year old ex engineer who got into old engine restoration after an accident to my left arm in 1984 which put me on the "seven day weekend". I have owned around 200 old engines of various types, Restoring many and trading / swapping along the way. I became interested in building scale models of these engines and also got into "hot air" (Stirling cycle) engines as well. As I was left handed, this hobby taught me to use my right hand although there are lots of times I swear with frustration at my limitations. My workshop is set up for my use and I do a lot of jobs in a different manner to the accepted practice but, its the end result that counts. My collection of full size engines is now kind of static as I am quite happy with the ones I have kept. I don't have room to go into the full size hot air engines but my fans and hot air models are good enough. The model i/c collection is still growing as I enjoy making them. I am building from scratch and using no castings to produce models of some of my full size units, although I still work with casting sets as well. In this side of my hobby alone, there are enough projects ahead to see me to the grave!


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