Cooper (Stover)

YC (6hp) 1917

This engine was built by Stover Mfg. & Engine Co. of Freeport, Illinois and sold under the Cooper Engineering Co. name. Cooper were the Australian agents.

In August 2002 Ron Sullivan swapped an engine for two Stover YB engines. One fairly complete the other consisting of the head and valves, cylinder, piston and rod, crankshaft and crankcase and one flywheel. Pretty much everything else was missing. I did a deal with Ron and ended up with the project YB. I was lucky to acquire the missing flywheel and the base off Edd Payne but I continue hunting for more parts. Brock Summerfield knew of a parts engine which I thought he may be able to get some bits off for me. This engine turned out to be a YC engine and is more complete than the YB. I made a deal with Brock for the YC which now joins the collection. The YC is missing the ignitor, crankcase doors and the carby. The carby will be fun to track down as the YC is throttle governed which was not a common option.

Here are some pictures of the YC when Brock picked it up. The YC is engine number: YC 97867. It was shipped from Stover to Coldwell Shipping Co.,San Fransico, California on December 28th, 1917. This particular YC is of the rare throttle-governed type. So far I only know of 4 other throttle-governed vertical Stovers. There are another three 6hp engines (two complete and the remains of another) and Edd Payne has a 4hp.

How the engine looked when I first saw it (2002)

October 2005. Looking a bit more like an engine! Excellent work by Edd and Darren Payne

October 2005. The new carby, fabricated from scratch by Edd Payne. It is vitually identical to the original.

The YC has been re-sleeved and another YC piston has been machined to suite the new bore as the original was too worn. An original crankcase breather door has been found for the engine but a new flat door has been cast as has a new YC muffler.

Running with the muffler fitted.

30th October 2005

Click on the picture for a video of the engine running (1.4mb)

Click on the picture for a video of the engine running (1.4mb)

Some detail of the Webster and trip

The head of the engine showing the water injector. (Note the pin for the fuel saver but no fuel saver)

13th November 2005. On wheels, the next step is a water tank.

19th November. Tank Fitted

At its first rally (Young 2005) the YC won the trophy for Champion feature vertical

Cambelltown Steam Museum, May 2006

In the rain at Manilla, June 2006

At the Rusty Iron Rally, September 2006

Rusty Iron Rally September 2009

December 2011. The Stover joins the other engines at the new home.




One of the other YC (6hp) throttlers

YB (4hp)throttler