J.D Small, Sydney


Small by name and nature. The brass plate on the engine reads "J.D Small, Maker, Sydney". An identical engine is shown in Patrick Knight's A-Z of British engines as a A J Wright. It stated that these engines were available finished or as a casting kit. I would guess that this one may have been a kit and finished here in Australia.

I purchased this engine on 19 April 2005. It seems to be in good condition but I will have to make up a burner for the hot tube and put a new intake valve spring on the engine.

After a good clean up. The paintwork is in excellent condition for its age.

1st May 2005: Belted up to an electric motor to bed everything in and to attempt to get it running.

A temporary tap setup to get the gas/air mixture right. We managed to get one pop. Still more fiddling to be done.

The two ads below, showing this engine, date from 1898




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