Sydney Antique Machinery Club Rally

18th and 19th September 1999

Robinson and model Robinson (made by Reg Ingold)

1907 Blackstone

5hp Austral Oil Engine made by Ronaldson Bros. and Tippett

6hp Type 2 Massey-Harris

1925 4hp Ruston-Hornsby

Edd Payne's 7hp Galloway

Getting the Cooper Ready to Run

My Cooper CT-2 running for the first time

Victims of the flying oil from the Cooper (in the background is Kerry Morris's Hornsby)

My Fairbanks-Morse No.1 Eclipse

Me and my Ronaldson Tippett 3hp Type N

My father, Michael Livingstone, and I investigating a strange noise.

A beautifully restored Fuller and Johnson 1.5hp type N

Peter Woodmore's Challenge and pump