Sydney Antique Machinery Club Rally

'Clarendon Classic'

15th and 16th September 2007

The feature of this year's rally was Ronaldson-Tippett engines and Australian tractors

These pictures are a selection of the over 300 I took on the weekend!

Click on thumbnails for larger image

Austral Oil Engine 8hp 1920

Austral Kerosene Engine 3hp

Austral Kerosene Engine 5hp

Austral Kerosene Engine 4hp

Austral Oil Engine 3.5hp 1917

Austral Oil Engine 10hp 1917

Ronaldson-Tippett CM Diesel

Ronaldson-Tippett N

Austral Oil Engine 5hp 1921

Horwood Bagshaw 4hp Type G (made by Ronaldson-Tippett)

Ronaldson-Tippett N

Wisconsin (made by Ronaldson-Tippett)

Ronaldson-Tippett N

Ronaldson-Tippett N

Austral Kerosene Engine 5hp 1927

Austral Oil Engine 7hp 1919

Ronaldson-Tippett N

Austral Oil Engine 8hp 1923

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