Sydney Antique Machinery Club Rally

16th and 17th September 2000

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The three Otto engines loaned by the Powerhouse Museum. (In the foreground is the 1890 "Otto" Crossley Bros).

The gearing on the 1866-70 Otto Langen.

1870-80 Otto Langen & Crossley Bros.

This beautiful Crossley Bros. was brought up from Victoria for the rally and ran all weekend.


Allen Bros.

ATIS Stationary Engine List Member Pictures

Austral Oil Engine. Thought to be 25hp.

This is the way to load a big engine.

Austral Oil Engine. Magneto Start. 3HP.

Austral Oil Engine. Lamp Start. 4HP.

Horwood Bagshaw

Horwood Bagshaw Baler

Blackstone Oil Engine. 1907.

Blackstone Oil Engine. 4hp.



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