Root and Van Dervoort Engineering Co.

East Moline Illinois, USA

My Triumph Line Engines

The "Triumph" line of R&V engines were available in 1hp, 2hp, 2&1/5hp, 2&3/4hp, 4hp, 6hp, 6&1/2hp, 8hp, 10hp, 12hp, 16hp, and 20hp.

The "L" Line engines were available in 1hp, 2hp, 4hp, 6hp, 8hp, 10hp, and 12hp.

The biggest and the smallest. 12hp 'Triumph Line' and 1hp 'Triumph Line'

12hp R&V Triumph Line

6hp R&V Triumph Line

4hp R&V R Line Triumph Line

2hp R&V Triumph Line

1hp R&V Triumph Line L Line (flywheel govenor)

1hp R&V Triumph Line L Line (flyball govenor)


"Triumph Line" engines from catalogues and parts lists

Timing the L Line Triumph Engines

Some factory images from catalogue No.10

Some engine images from Catalogue No.10


A c1913 Postcard showing the R&V Factory.

This is a c1914 Postcard of the R&V Factory

Exhibitors Plaque and limited edition model from the 2003 R&V Re-union in East Moline (taken with my CL engine for scale)

August 2008. Four of my R&Vs together. The two ALs, BL & CL engines.

November 2009. Two more R&Vs join the collection. These are tiny and make the little 1hp R&V look huge.

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