Root and Van Dervoort "R" Line "Triumph" 4hp.

Built by Root and Vandervoort Engineering Co. East Moline, Illinois in 1916.

Engine No. CR61923

This engine joined the collection in September 2006. It came from Marian in Queensland.

13th September. Picking the engine up after it arrived in Sydney. The Stover went along for the ride.

At home

The 'Monkey motion' Wizard

A slightly wild but functional high tension conversion has been done

Missing the muffler.

The govenor. Quite different to my L Line engines

There has been some repairs made to the Wizard trip at some time

The inside of the hopper looks good

Original greasers

The original Wizard fitted to the engine.

Detail of the Wizard

January 2007. Name plate and magnet retaining fingers thanks to Mitch Malcolm of Lightning Magneto. I will clean up the magneto before fitting these correctly.

March 2009. Muffler all machined & ready for painting and fitting. This was casting using the muffler off my CL engine as a pattern.

February 2010. Re-orgnised the yard and the two 4hp R&Vs emerged. The CR is physically bigger than the CL.

I have started stripping the yellow and red paint off the engine.

My 2nd Wizard fitted to the R&V but I am using the original bracket.

The govenor. Quite different to the L Line system.

June 2010. Stripping off the red and yellow paint.

Interesting lettering on the hopper. Build or order numbers?

May 2013 The R&V home in the new garage after two years in storage.

A bit of WD40 on the ignitor and some fuel down the priming cup and it lives!


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