Root and Van Dervoort "L" Line "Triumph" 4hp.

Built by Root and Vandervoort Engineering Co. East Moline, Illinois in 1913.

Restoration of the 4hp R&V Triumph Line

July 2003. Governor and rocker castings arrive from Rob Charles in the USA.

Here is the governor almost ready to go onto the engine.

The detent casting and weight castings were left over from the restoration of the 12hp. These are some of the very few parts interchangeable between the different HP Triumph Line engines. Still a little machining to be done.

Here is the rocker and yoke castings

For size comparison here are the 2hp and 4hp rocker castings together. The 2hp castings were done here in Oz.

October 2003. Removed the cylinder from the crankcase. It was tight all the way off :(

The piston is still stuck and even the conrod is seized on the gudgeon.

Also removed the remaining bearing cap. It also was stuck and very hard to remove.

The original bearing cap and shims with the new cast main cap, big end cap and rocker arm support (from Dwight Vivas in the USA)

2nd November 2003. Removing the piston.

The piston was stuck solid so it was placed in the press and a lot of heat applied to the cylinder using my LPG torch. A bit of pressure from the press and the piston pushed out, though it was tight all the way. The bore is pretty good at the bottom but it badly pitted towards the front.

The piston free at last. Note that it was only rusty at the top and bottom. The bulk of it is shiny.

Applying some heat to the very seized gudgeon.

With the fifth ring removed the gudgeon is removed using a big hammer and a drift. The gudgeon only comes out one way as it is keyed on on side.

All the freed up parts sitting on top of the cylinder casting.


More to come as the engine progresses.



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