Root and Van Dervoort "L" Line "Triumph" 4hp.

Built by Root and Vandervoort Engineering Co. East Moline, Illinois in 1913.


This engine joined the collection in January 2003. It is missing the rocker arm and mount, ignitor, govenor, pushrod, big end cap, and one main cap. This will be another interesting project....


The 4hp at home in my yard

The engine has three different engine numbers on it. Weird!

Views of the crankcase. Note the missing bearing caps.

This is the original mount for the flywheels driven magneto.

The head. Note the missing rocker and bracket and the bent valve.

The carby is in good condition but is missing the choke plate.

All that is left of the govenor bracket. It is broken in exactly the same place as the one on my 12hp was.


Restoration of the 4hp R&V



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