Root and Van Dervoort "L" Line "Triumph" 2hp.

Built by Root and Vandervoort Engineering Co. East Moline, Illinois in 1913.

Engine No. BL33697

18th Nov. 2007 I finally got this one home.

July 2008. The little BL is finally running well. Click here for a short video of it running (7mb)

At the Clarendon Classic September 2008

March 2009. An original low-tension magneto bracket & Sumpter magneto for the BL.

March 2009. Having a run at home. Click here for a short video of the engine running.

At the Sydney Rally, September 2009. It ran well until the head gasket let go.

March 2010

March 2010. Stripping off the green paint. Some of he original paint is appearing underneath.


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