Root and Van Dervoort "L" Line "Triumph" 1hp. 1912

Built by Root and Vandervoort Engineering Co. East Moline, Illinois

Engine No.28414

I purchased this little engine on 15th September 2007. It carries the CCM (Canadian Cycle & Motor) badge who sold the R&V engines out of Brisbane.


November 2007. Getting it ready to run I find the head and carby full of wasp nests.

The bore looks good.

The govenor was made by Rodney Madison in the USA.

As was the ignitor and trip.

He also provided a new pushrod. I found it was slightly longer than the one on my engine so I straightened the original rather than cut the new one. I will keep it for a spare.

12 November 2007. The little R&V returns to life! Next job will be to paint it and my other 1hp to match the 12hp


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