Root and Van Dervoort "L" Line "Triumph" 1hp. 1912

Built by Root and Vandervoort Engineering Co. East Moline, Illinois Engine No. AL20450



This is my 1912 1hp R&V. Purchased December 2002.

It is currently making its way home.

Dick Wells took the engine to Freeport where Curt Andree rescued it. Curt then took it to Baraboo where Steve Barr picked it up. Steve then took it to Portland for Joe Winter to take to California. Edd Payne collected the engine from the container when it arrived in Australia & I finally had my little engine in February 2004.

At Freeport, Illinois.

At Baraboo with Reg Ingold from Australia

Baraboo Wisconsin.

At Portland, Indiana with Jim and Helen French from the UK.

Thanks to Dick Wells and Curt Andree for the photos.


26th February 2004. I finally have the engine safely in Oz and loaded in the back of the Ford.

The 1hp R&V running for the first time in Oz

Sitting on my back verandah.

Click here for a short video of the R&V running

The 1hp at its first rally. Canberra, March 2004

Cambelltown Steam Museum May 2009


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