Ronaldson-Tippett Centenary Rally

23th and 24th October 2004

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Petrol and Kerosene Engines

Type N

Type N with winch

Type N

1928 Type D 3hp

Type D

Type N with light plant

Type D

Type N with shearing plant

Type N with pump

Type N of 1941

Type NRA of 1955

Type N of 1937

Type N

Cooper (built by R-T)

Type N

Lots of stuff powered by a Type N with light plant

Type N with shearing plant

Type N

Type D

Type N with light plant

A pair of Type Ns

Type N 2hp of 1941

Baltic Simplex Type S 3hp of 1948

Type D built 1930

Type N No.13127 of 1938

IHC Type H

Type N with light plant

Type CF No.83873. 5hp of 1957

Type D No.9169. 3.5hp of 1934

Type D No.20679

A pair of Ns. No.45026. 3hp of 1947 and No.66723. 4hp of 1952

Type K No.8363. 5.5hp of 1930

Type D No.6539. 2.5hp

Type K No.11579. 8hp of 1937

The Ideal No.50086. 3hp

Type N powering a sectioned N

Davis Type N No.42776. 2hp of 1947

Type N

Type N twin-cylinder 6hp (only one known to exist)

Type D

A line of Type Ns

Another line of Type Ns

Type D

Type G 5hp of 1935

Type N (badged Bartram. Running on LPG)

Type D No.8052. 2hp of 1929

Type D No.7241. 2hp of 1928

Type G No.13186. of 1938

Type N

Type D No.8131. 4hp of 1930

Type N 3hp in original shipping crate

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