Ronaldson-Tippett Centenary Rally

23th and 24th October 2004

To celebrate the centenary of the first Ronaldson-Tippett engine the Ballarat Engine & Machinery Preservation Society Inc. hosted the Centenary Rally at the Ballarat showgrounds. The showgrounds are only a few hundred metres from the remains of the R-T factory on Creswick Road which made for an ideal location.
Only products built by Ronaldson-Tippett were eligible to attend. Over 600 exhibits were entered in the rally and many rare items were exhibited. Exhibitors traveled great distances to attend and it made for an excellent event. The rally was opened by Gilbert Tippett (nephew of one of the founders) and he gave a fascinating speech on the history of the company. There was a well attended dinner for the entrants on the Saturday night. It was held on the grounds in the memorabilia pavilion where an amazing collection was on display. As well as original casting patterns there were many books, ledgers, photographs, catalogues, parts books, signs, and drawings.
The rally was very efficiently organised and run (apart from a lack of water on Saturday) and a great time was had by both exhibitors and spectators. The BEMPS club members worked long and hard and their enthusiasm was endless. Now all we have to do is wait for the Bicentenary in 2104…


This is only a small selection of the exhibits at the rally.

Click on thumbnails for larger image

No.1874 (my engine) returns to the factory for the first time since 1917!

No. 1874. 3.5hp of 1917 (in the background of this shot, above the engines tank, can be seen the remains of the R-T factory).

No.1874. 3.5hp of 1917

No.79 (Oldest surviving engine)

No.132. (pushrod Austral)

No.136. 4hp of 1907 (pushrod Austral)

The remains of an unknown early vertical

No.784 (original number unknown. This is a rebuilt pushrod engine).


Austral Oil and Kerosene Engines (Side shaft engines)

No.2868 of 1920

No.5516. 3hp of 1925

No.5486. of 1925

No.4027. of 1922

No.5864. 4hp of 1927

No.7150. 4hp of 1928

No.4343 5hp of 1922



No.5457. 6hp of 1925

No.3399 of 1921




No.3000. 8hp of 1920 (Sold by Horwood & Co.)

No.2514. 20hp of 1919

No.2818. 16hp of 1920

No.1581. 11hp of 1916

No.5810. 8hp of 1925

No.648. 7.5hp of 1911

No.7782. 5hp of 1929

No.7456. 3hp of 1928

No.3091. 6hp of 1920

No.6342. 4hp of 1927

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