Ronaldson-Tippett type N

This is a Type N Ronaldson-Tippett. This hopper engine once drove an orchard sprayer and is an easy starting, reliable engine.

This is the first engine I ever managed to get running. I have a dent in my leg to prove it. When I first got it to go the crank handle became stuck in the shaft, unfortunately the governor also chose this moment to stick and the engine got faster and faster. I headed for safety but was not quick enough. The impact of the crank handle on my leg opened up a nice wound revealing the bone. I still have the engine as it starts easily and still runs sweetly. One day I may even restore it...

Below is a picture of what finally stopped this engine running at Henty.

The post to the left of the spark-plug is the holder for the plug-hole cover which I have removed for the photo.

Me and the Ronaldson-Tippett N.