Paul Schembri's Engines

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Rider-Ericsson Hot Air engine

Rider-Ericsson 8 inch Hot Air Engine

6hp Star.

8hp Star.


Blackstone. Tested 7 August 1907. Sold to Clutterbuck Bros, Adelaide.

Click here for a view of the 8hp Running (2.3mb)

Click here for a front-on view of the 8hp running (1.5mb)

4hp Blackstone. Tested 18 June 1907. Sold to Clutterbuck Bros, Adelaide

8hp IHC Mogul.

Tangye 16hp

Frisco Standard

Tangye 5.5hp

Blackstone vertical, hot-bulb engine. (Note the new cast section to be welded into the broken crankcase).

Some castings, all big-ends for English engines shown with the originals. The biggest ones are 16hp Tange. The next size down are 5hp Tangye, and the smallest are Crossley J/JJ.

Crossley J & JJ

1909 Hornsby

Click here for a short video of the Hornsby running

Click here for another short video of the Hornsby running

1900 Crossley OO portable