Paul Schembri's 16hp Tangye

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Bringing the Flywheel Home May 2003

The engine as first seen

The engine when it first arrived in Paul's shed

Attempting to remove the sleeve from the big Tangye. August 2003

Bedding in the new main bearings. December 2003

The engine assembled to allow for plumbing and fitting of new parts. It will have to come apart to allow the new sleeve to be installed.

January 2004. The liner has been sleeved and is back in the engine

The conrod was badly pitted but Paul has cleaned it up nicely. The big end and bolts are new.

The resleeved liner back in the engine.

The all new fuel system

End of January 2004. Running at last.

The fork-lift is acting as a weight to stop the engine from wandering off.

It has taken Paul 8 months to get the engine running. It has been some 42 years since this engine was last operational!

March 2004. Finished and in its place in the shed.