Paul Schembri's Crossley JJ &

Charlie Vella's Crossley J

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The Crossley J when purchased August 2003.

This engine was dispatched 3rd october 1907 to A Cowan & Sons Ltd, Sydney

J & JJ Crossleys (The J has the flywheel fitted)

This is the J (gas) Crossley which Paul is helping Charlie restore

This is Paul's JJ (kerosene) Crossley. Dispatched 2nd october 1901 to A Cowan & Sons Ltd, Sydney

Both engines have had new flywheels cast and machined. The JJ had a flywheel with cracked spokes so this was used as a pattern. The J was almost a bare block when purchased and has had most of the parts made for it. The JJ was pretty complete but has still needed a bit of work.

Paul's JJ running and almost finished. November 2004

Charlie's J finished December 2004

The business end of the engine

Paul checking for leaks

The J running.

Click here for a short video of the Crossley J Running (1.5mb)

Click here for finished shots of the J & JJ

In early July 2004 Paul finally got his own Crossley J.

This engine dispatched 28th April 1911 to A Cowan & Sons Ltd, Sydney

The J had been converted to run on sparkplug and magneto, hence all the extras on the engine.

Here it is with the extras removed.

A rare sight. In the forground is Paul's J and in the background are Paul's JJ and Charlie's J.


More to come...