Austral Oil Engine No.824 approx. 4.5hp

Tested 2/1912

I purchased this engine in December 2014.

A very original example of an Austral Oil Engine. It is either a converted pushrod engine, a refurbished early sideshaft engine or it has been built up using some older castings. The crankcase is identical to that used on 1908 pushrod engines and the only surviving flyball governed Austral.

At home January 2015 after a 1700km road trip to bring it home.

The original oil drain has been plugged and a new outlet plummed through the inside of the base.

The extensive original paint and line work.

This pulley drives the governor on the belt drive governor pushrod Australs. Why it is on this engine, I do not know.

The flywheels have had a hard time of it.

The air intake pip runs into the base.

The vapouriser appears to be painted or coated.

Wonderful repair on the vapour valve rocker.

The sideshaft gear cover is identical to the one on my converted portable Austral.

Engine No.824 on the big end, compression plate and little end.

The conrod, under all the oil and crud, appears to have been plated. Possibly nickel.

Piston and gudgeon.

April 2015. Degreasing the engine reveals a lot of original paint.

The flywheels appear to be green with light green lining and gloss black inside the lines

Much of the engine appears to be dark green with light green lining and some black edging.





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