Austral Oil Engine No.182/755

Originally a pushrod engine built c1908. Rebuilt as a sideshaft engine in October 1911.

Delivered 25/5/1912. 'First start' 30/5/1912.

I purchased this engine in October 2010. It finally made it home in March 2012.

This engine exhibits a number of features different to the 'standard' sideshaft engine. The inboard silencer and different cooling tower are retained from its originally build and the toolbox is mounted where the silencer is fitted on later engines. The transporter wheels and axles are different to later engines. The engine is mounted further back than normal meaning that the water pump eccentric is much further along the sideshaft.

Below is an image of what the engine would have looked like when originally built as a pushrod engine.

All loaded up for the trip home. Due to the soft ground it had to go on backwards. It will not be loaded this way again as the weight was too far back.

Home at last and Samuel is happy I have brought him another toy

The plate on the toolbox

Here the original mount for the pushrod gear and cam and the hollow in the base to allow for the gear.

The unusual spring loaded fuel valve roller

Some detail of the sideshaft and crankcase

The cylindrical muffler mounted inboard of the cooling tower

'Bent axle' transporter on this engine. A feature only seen on very early Australs

April 2012. No.182/755 Finally in position at home.

My two Austral portables end to end. The 1917 3.5hp portable with the 1908/11 5.5hp portable.

The Austral lurking in the garage.


My assistant helping fix a leaky timing valve.

November 2012. No.182/755 back at the factory 104 years after being built.

March 2013. Early morning, on the road to the Canberra Rally.

At the National Rally in Mudgee, April 2013.

My two Austral portables at the Sydney Rally, September 2013.

Austral Oil Engines No.688, No.182/755 & No.226 at the 2013 Sydney Rally.

New Years Day 2014.

On the road to the Canberra Rally in 2013

Some detail of the engine

In the Garage. 2014

Sydney Rally September 2014



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