Austral Oil Engine No.351 3.5hp. Dispatched 11/10/1909

I purchased this engine in October 2010.

This is an early example of a small sideshaft Austral. It is quite unusual with the crankcase and base being a one peice casting.

No.351 is the 300th engine built by Ronaldson -Tippett & the 134th sideshaft engine.

No.351 is one of five stationary 3.5hp engines known to survive & one of eighteen 3.5hp lamp start engines known to survive.

23rd October 2010. The engine at home.

The spokes don't line up on 351 and here is why. The farside flywheel has moved on the key.

The sideshaft side flywheel has also been moving on the key and has had two peices of steel attached as an attempt to rebalance the engine.

The pulley is cracked so will not be re-used

I bought these name plates a few years ago and they will be ideal for this engine. The small one for the cylinder and the larger one for the splash guard or the back of the base.

November 2010. The sideshaft side flywheel removed.

No.351 sitting with its younger relative No.1874 of 1917

December 2010. The first batch of new parts for 351 from 'Austral Engineering'

Fuel valve, rocker, pushrod & roller

Crank-guard spacers

Big end cap and fuel trap lid

Air valve rocker

Timing valve assembly

January 2011. Some more new parts for 351 from 'Austral Engineering'

Kero Pump

Fuel Trap

Kero Pump Lever

Stop Pin

January 2010. Some progress on the engine.

A vapouriser off a later engine to check for size and fitting.

Crack in the cylinder. This engine appears to have a removeable liner

Some of the original lining is clearly visable

One of the many places showing the engine number

The brand new vapouriser from 'Austral Engineering'. November 2011



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