3.5hp Austral by Ronaldson-Tippett. Tested October 1917. Engine No.1874

Price when new: £128. Approx weight: 28Cwt (1.4tonne) Approx RPM: 250

This engine came from Young, New South Wales. I swapped a restored 1928 Fordson tractor for it. The Austral had apparently run a laundry in Young, NSW(a former gold mining town). The Moffat-Virtue records record it as being sold new to a farm (as a portable) at Greenthorpe NSW, however written over this is an owner at Koorawatha which is about 20km away. So a change of ownership must have happened early in its recorded life. Both of these places are not far from Young so the engine has not traveled much. The engine was brought into Young after a working life on the farm and made into a stationary engine to run the laundry. When it was removed from the laundry it was mounted on the transport it was on when I aquired the engine, which is a large Lister transport.

This engine is one of 11 3.5hp lamp start, portable top-tank Australs on the Austral Register & one of 24 3.5hp lamp start engines on the register.

The Austral Register

Some Recent Shots of the Austral Showing it Fully Assembled.

Click here to see the Austral finally placed on its correct transporter


Click here for a movie of the Austral running (1.2mb)


Click Here For Some Pictures from a weekend working on the Austral

Bringing the Austral to Sydney. The first movement of the Austral in 20 years. June 2002.

In my yard July 2002

The business end of the sideshaft

Some detail of the engine. Note the original striping

The Austral's first rally. Cambelltown in November 2002.

Australia Day 2003.

October 2004. Exhaust pipe cast for the engine.

Exhaust pipe sitting on the engine before the mounting holes are drilled.

Macksville Sept. 2004

Sydney Sept. 2004

24th October 2004. No.1874 stands at its birth place in Ballarat, Vic. for the first time since 1917

Cambelltown May 2007

Macksville September 2007

Sydney September 2007

Manilla June 2009

December 2011. Some detail of the engine.

In the garage with the vertical Stover behind.

December 2013. I finally have the correct muffler for my engine. It is a little sad but will clean up ok. It was chock full of dirt, straw and rubbish.

April 2014. Removing the old muffler and fitting the new one. A tricky job as it is a tight fit and very heavy.


A Couple of Original Advertisements for the Austral Oil Engine

This ad shows the 10/11hp Engine.

This ad shows the 6hp-8hp engines.

This ad shows the later style engine fitted with a magneto.

My Austral Transporter

Austral Engine Numbers

Austral Gallery

Ronaldson-Tippett Centenary Rally




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