Massey-Harris Type 2

This is a Type 2 Massey-Harris. Rated at 4.5hp. Serial number- HC 261. The Massey-Harris was recovered from an outside toilet where it had been stored for twenty years. It had previously worked very hard driving mainly a water pump on a farm at Young, New South Wales.


The engine under restoration.

The engine arriving home from its first show after restoration. Note that the front of the silencer is missing as it was blown off by a good backfire during the day.

This is how the transport which the M-H and Buzacott were mounted looked when my father brought it home. Originally it would have had a large Sunshine vertical mounted.

A close-up view of the crank cover.

May 2005 - awaiting a new cart.

Massey Harris Type 2 parts diagrams

A 1927 Australian Massey-Harris Ad