Buzacott 2B 'The Little Kangaroo'

here is the engine almost finished at its first show in Young.


Little Kangaroo Shearing Plant This is a two stand shearing plant mounted on its original transport. It was made in Ballarat, Victoria. The engine is a Type 2B, throttle-governed 2hp Buzacott No. 9874. This engine was built around October 1934. The Buzacott engines were made by the Rosebery Engine Works in Sydney, Australia and are a direct copy of the US Fuller and Johnson engines.

My father found this engine for me. It was sitting in a backyard in Cootamundra where it had been for a while after being moved out of the shed it had been stored in. It had spent its working life on a farm on the Burra Rd. Gundagai NSW. It was seized when we got it home so the engine was filled with penetrating oil and diesel and put aside as I tackled easier projects. University and work intervened and it was about 14 years before the engine was touched again. It was still stuck solid but with much help from Reg Ingold the piston was removed and the stuck parts freed.

We unfortunately broke a flywheel trying to remove it to gain access to the governor but another was obtained from Edd Payne (who also rebuilt the magneto). Reg also repaired the carby which had been snapped off the head. It was in Reg's shed that the little Buzacott 2B finally returned to life in 1999.

This is a close up of the top of the shearing plant showing the cast name plate.

Here is the partially dismantled engine. It was seized but thanks to Reg Ingold the piston was removed intact (if all else fails use a bigger hammer). Note the cast crank cover as these are normally open crank engines, it has no bolts so it just sits on the engine.

This is the Buzacott tag above the head.

This is the main tag on the crank end of the engine. Normally the large tag is on the head end of the engine but due to the shearing-plant attachment there is not enough space for it.

Here are two views of the transporter with the engine removed. Sitting next to the fuel tank are the spark plugs I found in the tool box. A quick buff and they all work.

Here are the flywheels and the shearing uprights being prepared for painting.

Here is the engine block and numerous small parts after being painted.

The transport awaiting the engine.

Almost finished

The Governor arrangement.

Here are the wheel braces in their stored position

The down-tube storage.

Buzacott 2B Parts list.

Click here for a short video of the 2B Buzacott running


June 2012. The engine is home after being in storage since 2003.


A 1930 advertisement for the Munro Shearing Machine. Note this is a very similar unit to my 'Little Kangaroo' but does not have the name plate on top of the unit.