This is a Fuller and Johnson Farm Pumper. It has a Dixie magneto and no makers name cast in the flywheel. These engine were built by Fuller & Johnson in Madison Wisconsin from 1909 until 1952. It is thought that this particular engine is an early style engine, built between 1909 and 1911. There were also a number of Australian built copies of the Farm Pumper, the most numerous being built by Rosebery and Southern Cross.

There were two patents on the Farm Pump Engine granted to Frank D. Winkley who was chief engineer at Fuller and Johnson. Patent No.925147 was applied for on October 19, 1908 and granted June 15, 1909. The second patent, No.980727, was applied for on July 26, 1909 and granted January 3, 1911. Both these patents were assigned to Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Co.

This engine was found lying on a scrap heap on the farm where it had spent it's entire life near Cootamundra, New South Wales. The engine was lying on the magneto side which protected the magneto and saved the fuel tank from being crushed. Once home all that was needed was a new spark plug and a full tank of fuel and the engine was running. It has attended numerous shows and has yet to have any mechanical work needed. I have on original pump for it which I will one day attach to the engine.

Specifications :5/8 hp @ 500 rpm
1 1/2 hp @ 500 rpm @ gear reduction
shipping wt 335lbs
Price US$85.00
HT gear driven mag extra US$30 ( a lot of money in 1909!)

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The engine as found.

Here is a better view of the engine.

Some Detail of the engine

Here is some detail of the magneto setup.

March 2009. The Farm Pumper is out of storage.

A short video of the Farm Pumper running.

Exploded parts diagram of the Farm Pumper

Cut away views of the engine

An original advertisement for the farm pumper.

Another Fuller and Johnson advertisement showing both the type N and pumper

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