This is my No.2 Eclipse. It was pulled out of a creek. It is 90% complete but stuck solid. All I am missing is the magneto, the end of the carby and fuel tank.This is also an early Eclipse engine. It does not have a patent date cast on it. The patent date can be clearly seen on Edd's engine below.


I finally removed the piston on 24th March 2001.

The carby for my engine (Thanks Edd!)

Progress. New exhaust valve, cam follower and many minor repairs. August 2002.

Preparing for painting

Engine in undercoat

First coat of green 15 May 2004

15 September 2012 I brought this No.2 Eclipse home. I will make one good engine out of my two and have nearly enough for another.


This is Edd Payne's No.2 Eclipse. These are mechanically very similar to the No.1, just bigger.

The No.2 has two 16" flywheels and a shipping weight of 370 pounds. Note the patent date on this engine.

An Interesting Australian ad showing both styles of pumper.

Click Here For Some Images from the 1911 Eclipse Catalog


Click Here For Some Images from the 1914 Eclipse Catalog




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