No.1A Eclipse. Purchased June2003. Finally home 30 August 2003.

Inside the crankcase. About 1" deep of sludge

The top half looks in good condition

The cam follower was badly siezed in the block and the guide

A bit of heat to remove the cam follower from the guide

7th January 2005 the 1A Eclipse lives again.

The engine was missing the magneto bracket when I bought it but after getting a casting done Edd Payne machined the bracket and made the gears. I took the engine up to Edd's place where we did a little bit of work on the engine and fitted the magneto off his Eclipse. Edd held the valve while I spun the engine and it fired straight away when Edd let the valve go.

A jar was used as a fuel tank as the tanks I have are full of s**t.

A well placed finger helps the engine suck fuel as the jar is a little low and I have not fitted the choke plate to the engine.

I sadly parted with this engine in January 2015 to fund another Austral purchase.



Click here for some of the differences between the No.1 and the 1A




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