Fuller &Johnson Model K 7hp


This engine is very complete but in need of some TLC. It is a Model K engine of 1917. The Model K and Model N engines are virtually identical and they share many parts. The differences are the governing (the K is throttle governed, the N hit-and-miss) and the fuel system (the K is set up to start on petrol and run on low grade fuel such as kerosene). It has been converted to high tension but the original ignitor trip is still fitted but I now have an ignitor and a magneto to convert it back to low tension.

The 1917 catalogue gives the following specs:

7hp @ 400RPM; 16x8 standard pulley; 32" flywheels; 7 gallon fuel tank; 11 gallon water hopper; 44" x 63" floor space; 1200lbs shipping weight; $260 on skids with battery ignition; add $14.40 for geared magneto.

The factory records record this engine as being shipped on 20th November 1918 to the South Australian Farmer's Co-Op.

Here you can see the crank with the original crank-guard in place.

The cam gear and governor assembly.

The"Dash Pot". This is used to even out the motion of the governor linkage.

The carby. The large cast section holds petrol for starting and warming up before switching to kerosene from the main tank.

The high tension adaptor. Note the ignitor trip still in place.

The magneto mount.

The head. Note the unusual boss cast in the head on the lower left.

Bringing the engine home.

July/August 2009. I am finally devoting some time to the K. Most of the small parts have been cleaned up ready for painting.

Due to space problems and too many other projects I sadly parted with this engine in January 2009


The pictures below are from the 1926 cat.


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