On the left is my 1hp Fairbanks Morse No.1 Eclipse pump engine. This is pictured after the rain storm in Henty 1999. This was the first engine I bought, from a ex-dairy in Cootamundra, New South Wales. Its engine number is A5093. F-M engine number dates can be found for most engines except for Eclipse engines. To the best of my knowledge my engine is probably from the first batch made between 1911 and 1914. The Eclipse engine was patented (No.1090249) by Jesse A. Vail and Edward O. Powers on March 17, 1914 and assigned to Fairbanks, Morse & Company. The Patent was applied for on March 17, 1911. The later Eclipse engines have the patent date cast on the engine whilst the earlier ones do not. It is safe to assume that engines without the patent date were made pre 1914 and the ones with the date after 1914. Sometime in the late 'teens the model "1A" replaced the No.1 engine. The 1A has two spoked flywheels, a one piece base/ sub-base assembly and '1A' cast in the hopper.

The No.1 Eclipse has a single 14" flywheel and a shipping weight of 185 pounds.

My engine was probably sold by Dangar, Geyde & Coy Ltd of Young Street Sydney who were the local distributors. Below are some images from their catalogue (dated around 1916).


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An Interesting Australian ad showing both styles of pumper.

I restored this engine about 20 years ago and it will soon need re-doing.

Note the optional extension hopper to aid cooling. This engine is a excellent runner and is easy to start, unless there is a crowd present.

On the pictures below note the early Bosch magneto. US engines did not have magnetos but all the engines exported to Australia seem to have had magnetos fitted, thought the later built engines have a much more elegant setup than my engine.

The Eclipse and half size model made by Reg Ingold.

The model running happily. Click here for a video of the model Eclipse running (1.2mb)

Detail of the choke return spring

Click here for some of the differences between the No.1 and the 1A


Click Here For Some Images from the 1911 Eclipse Catalog


Click Here For Some Images from the 1914 Eclipse Catalog




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