Edd Payne's Engines

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Alma Jr. 1.5hp engine. Built by the Alma Manufacturing Co. Alma, Michigan.

Edd's F-M Jack-of-all-trades and Stover YB throttle-governed.

Some detail of the F-M

Some detail of the Stover


Waterloo Boy 7hp


Lauson 'Frost King'


Field & Brundage

Baker Mfg. 'Little Monitor' with factory magneto

IHC Mogul 1hp

IHC Mogul 6hp cutting wood

Fairbanks-Morse 4hp Special Electric

IHC Famous 10hp throttle-governed

IHC Mogul 8hp

Blackstone 8hp. Tested 14th September 1905 and supplied to McArthur & Co. Sydney.

Fairbanks Morse Type N 8hp

Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse No.1

Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse No.2

Fairbanks-Morse Z with the rare Webster option

New Way. Throttle-governed with the seldom seen electric fan option ;)

Edd has now made a very genuine looking fan for the New Way

1909 6hp IHC Famous

Fairbanks-Morse 'Jack Junior'

Associated 'Chore Boy'

Thompson Tiger