Columbus 3hp c1903-08?

9th April 2006 I added this interesting engine to the collection. A fellow collector had started to work on it but passed away. It sat for a couple of years in a little shed pretty much forgotten.

The main parts that seem to be missing are the intake valve assembly, the ignitor, and crankcase door.

Lurking in this little shed is the dismantled Columbus

It took a bit of digging to find the flywheels buried under other stuff

Out in the daylight it looks a bit more like an engine.

16th April 2006. Assembled all the small parts on the engine to see what is there and what is missing

Most of the bottom end of the engine seems to be there

The off-side of the engine

Where the missing name plate should go

A view into the valve chamber

The flywheels

The Columbus stored away.... for now

July 2010. A nice new reproduction carby from the USA

Here is the correct carby with the hand made one which came with my engine. The hand made one is a very good attempt but it is nice to have a correct one.

A reproduction name plate for the engine.

This is the early style carby.

September 2011. The Columbus is home out of storage. The plan is to assess what work needs to be done for it to possibly make it to the National in 2013.

The Columbus sitting in the workshop

The internals look pretty good.

October 2011. Working on getting the cylinder off the engine to remove the piston. The big end is seized which is not helping.

November 2011. Now we are getting somewhere with the cylinder. Some rotation from the big end.

The cylinder finally removed. Next thing is to get the piston out.

About to remove the cams

Cam gear, shaft and mounting plate

Crankshaft removed. It seems to be in excellent condition.


The piston removed. It is in excellent condition but the rings are missing!! It took 7 tonne in the press to push the piston out.

The bore is also in good condition and will clean up easily

There would have been an agents plate here. Most likely Gibson, Battle & Co

Reproduction name plate sitting in place

A bit of a degrease and a lot of original colour turns up

Here you can see the machined surface where the camshaft mounting plate attaches

Some of the small parts cleaned up

March 2012. Some new castings are done. This is the intake valve chest and cap

The ignitor

Crankcase door and handle

December 2013. New big end bearing

December 2013. Intake valve cage and ignitor fitted to the cylinder.

December 2014. The engine sat back together for the first time.

Some dimensions from a Columbus catalogue.


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