Challenge 4hp 'Hourglass' hopper. Batavia, Ill.

Purchased June 2002

These are the first pictures I saw of this engine

The day it arrived 23 June 2002

The Challenge running in my yard with new timbers on the cart

Some detail of the engine

This is what was left of the pulley after removal from the engine. It had a crack in the face but when removal was attempted a number of other cracks and breaks appeared.

The Challenge and I at Temora. October 2002 (the battery box broke apart on the journey to the rally).

February 2004. The first time I have run the engine since the Temora Rally. I finally got around to installing a new battery box and re-wiring the engine. It started first pull.


Challenge Pictures on Steve's Engine Shanty


Click here for a short video of the Challenge running.

This is an Anthony Hordern's of Sydney ad for Challenge engines. They were the Sydney dealer.

November 2009. A pair of nice new Challenge plates from Jerry Evans. These will soon go on the engine.

October 2011. After years in storage the Challenge lives again.


October 2011

New nameplate fitted

Ignition timer. It is rudimentary but it works

The new battery box

This 1918 advertising image shows the kerosene option on the Challenge

My engine was originally configured like this

Here can be seen the remnants of the water injection and the air pre-heat for the kerosene option