Buzacott 5.5hp

1929 Buzacott ad. The engine picture appears to be a modified Fuller & Johnson picture

This engine came home on the 4th February 2002. It engine no.3883 and is 5.5HP @ 450RPM. It was built in 1926 and was one of a batch of engines sold to the Army. I purchased the engine fully restored. It is in perfect mechanical condition as it probably has done very little work.

The picture above is from a Buzacott advertisement of the period. Note that the engine is actually a Fuller & Johnson and the logo has been changed to look like a Buzacott one.

On the trailer after arriving home. Also on the trailer are a Bentall Chaff-Cutter and an Ajax pump.

The engine is running here

I wonder it this is hot...

The original ML magneto

Striping done July 2002

May 2005 - pulley fitted

June 2005 at the Manilla, NSW rally

March 2006. Winner best feature engine at the Canberra Rally

I sadly parted with this engine in October 2010.



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