Buzacott 4K

This is a 4hp Buzacott mounted on a transporter shared with the Massey-Harris. Its' serial number is 7135, testing date 22/5/1929. Hp. Developed- 4.31. Original Magneto- Lucas (it is currently fitted with a Wico A).

The Buzacott was found lying in tall grass on a farm at Springdale, New South Wales. All that could be seen was the flywheels. It was complete and unseized despite having lain there for some time.

It originally drove a sheep shearing plant.

The engine is now mounted on a Ronaldson-Tippett transport for ease of movement.

A couple of close up shots showing the governor.

The carby with the petrol starting tank attached at the bottom.

This is the "dash-pot". This is on the govenor linkage. Its purpose is to smooth the action of the govenor to make a smoother running engine.



July 2010. The 4k out of storage.

I sadly parted with this engine in January 2015 to help fund another Austral purchase.