The Recovery of the Boulton and Paul

In 1985 we were given the Boulton and Paul Electrolite lighting plant by the original owner on the condition that we preserve it and it was not destroyed. My father and I accepted the offer and set about to rescue it from its home of nearly 60 years at Fontenoy Homestead.

The first problem we that the engine house was in danger of falling down, in fact the only thing holding it up was the engine itself.

We righted the shed by using winched attached to the stand of trees next to the shed. Once the shed was secured we proceeded to unbolt the engine and generator which are on one bed-plate.

Once unbolted we discovered the assembly was too heavy to lift over the bolts so they were cut off allowing the engine and generator to be slid off the concrete block. Once the engine was removed the concrete block revealed its bit of history. Someone had scrawled the date the block had been set.

26/8/29. The 26th August 1929.

The engine was then transported safely home on my father's brand new car trailer. The Boulton and Paul has rested safely since and will soon be returned to life.

Fontenoy Homestead is now falling to ruin as it has not been lived in for some years.