Queensland Machinery Company Pictures.

The QMC (Queensland Machinery Company) showroom in Albert St., Brisbane


I was recently sent some pictures of engines installed by the Queensland Machinery Company. These were generously supplied by Peter Marsh, who was given them by a family member of the engineer who installed the engines.

The first picture is a fantastic picture of a post April 1924 3hp engine installed in a dairy. The text on the back states that it was owned by a J W Hansen of Jandowai. It states that it is a 4 unit M.V. plant powered by a 3hp Austral, New Type (underlined so it must have been an important point). It also states ’56 cows in 1 ½ hours’.

The engine is mounted on a concrete plinth with a separate one for the fuel tank. The engine looks relatively new and clean with nice glossy paint and polished flywheel rims. Interestingly, the engine does not appear to have any line work applied. The engine also clearly is fitted with a Queensland Machinery Company plate. There does not appear to be a silencer fitted, just a long pipe and an elbow to get the exhaust above, and pointed away from, the operator. The belt driving the separator can be clearly seen but to the left and behind the belt appears to be a vacuum pump which is most likely driven off a second belt on the other side of the engine.

I have so far been unable to positively identify the engine, as the owners name does not appear in the Queensland records. There are nine 3hp magneto engines listed in the records as being sold by Queensland Machinery Co. with no owners listed. All of these engines were delivered in 1926 except one in late 1925. It is an early example of the ‘New type’ which were introduced with Engine No.5052. The earliest ‘unidentified’ engine in the Qld records is No.5109 a 4hp engine delivered on 30th October 1924 so there is a chance it may be this engine.


The second photo shows another milking installation. This has the name N H Ploetz, Kilcoy and the back. I have identified this engine as No.4878, a 3hp stationary, magneto engine tested in November 1923 and delivered on 20th March 1924. This engine is not know to survive.

This photo clearly shows the Austral at work with the flywheels and pulley on the vacuum pump a blur and milk pouring out of the separator. The girl is holding a bucket but they also appear to be using old kerosene tins to collect the milk from the separator. There is a set of tools and a chart of some sort on the wall behind the installation.

The other photo from the same location shows the farmer working with the cows. Above him, near the roof, is a sign that states ‘Moffat-Virtue Milking Machine’ and there is a vacuum gauge to the right of it. In pen behind the farmer is a bucket and the blur of someone milking by hand. It may have been a difficult cow or perhaps it is a recent installation and they are still getting used to the new technology.


A square hoppered Chalenge engine driving a saw bench. The bench is cutting engine bed logs.


A QMC milking instillation powered by a Challenge engine.


Another view of the same engine.