Root and Vandervoort "Triumph" 12hp.

These pages will be updated as the restoration continues.


Crankcase painted

These are the four nuts that hold the cylinder on.

The cylinder being attached.

The rocker showing the new pins made by Reg

Here the engine is attached to the base and the new oiler pipe and the Michigan Lubricator oiler has been fitted.

Here the crank-throws are ready to be painted

Here are some of the smaller parts in undercoat

The engine mostly together, 15th August 2001

The engine mounted on the transport awaiting the flyhwheels

The flywheels fitted

Paul (it is his shed) and Paul check the timing

The R&V running for the first time - Thursday 6th September 2001

Giving the R&V a good run in the sunshine

Below are pictures of the 12hp R&V at its first show. September 15th/16th in Sydney.

The striping finished November 2001

Australia Day Rally 2002

The R&V at home

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