Root and Vandervoort "Triumph" 12hp.

These pages will be updated as the restoration continues.

On 6th August 2000 I made a trip to bring some of the engine home. The bearing caps and big end were undone (after burning off the house paint). The piston cam easily out of the bore and using a small tractor the crank and flywheels were lifted and placed in the 6x4 trailer. I also removed the pushrod and rocker for safe keeping.

The flywheels being removed.

Here you can see the high tension adaptor.

The angle plate was for a high tension trip magneto.

This is the fuel pump which is driven off the bottom of the exhaust rocker.

A view up the crankcase with the crank and piston removed

Here the broken governor can be seen.

It is broken to the right and just below the detent latch.

Here (on a 7hp R&V) you can see what is missing off my engine. It is possible the governor parts off a smaller engine may fit my 12hp.

The highlighted pieces are missing off the kerosene attachment but should not be too hard to fabricate.

This shows the magneto setup for my engine. I am missing the magneto, gear, and bracket.

Here are the flywheels sitting (on the trailer) in my yard. For a size reference the 'small' flywheel is off a 2hp Buzacott (copy of a Fuller and Johnson type N).

The crankshaft.

The pushrod and rocker. Note the ignitor trip to the right.

The piston and conrod. The small piston is out of a 2hp Buzacott.

The head showing the valves and the large kerosene attachment muffler.

The fuel pump.


In January 2001 I started stripping the paint off the engine, by hand. I am hoping to get the engine finished in time for our club's rally in September.

Separating the crankcase from the base. The bolts had to be cut of by using a hacksaw through the gap between the two sections. The protruding sections were then ground off and the holes redrilled. The base fuel tank had a lot of sludge in it consisting of mud, oil, kerosene, and decomposing vegetation.

The engine in pieces.

The hopper showing traces of original paint.

The front of the crankcase.

The engine base. To the right is the hole where the fuel pump is attached. Again traces of the original green can be seen.

The inside of the hopper showing the rust. This is after I had removed a bucket load of muck!

The head and exhaust with the air pre-heat removed and sitting to the bottom left of the picture.

Another view of the air pre-heat section of the exhaust.

Muffler end plate.

The governor built by Reg Ingold using weights purchased from Starbolt, the remaining original mount and detent, and using the governor of a 7hp engine as a pattern. A fine job, solving the biggest problem of the restoration.

Here is the base and the crank-case in undercoat.

The exhaust cam and gear.

Part 15GL - a main bearing cap.

Part of the fuel line. Note the original filler cap.

The ignitor trip.

Here I have started to strip the flywheels. Not the machined out counterweight area between the two lower spokes. The gear seen on the crankshaft is the cam-drive gear.



This is the other flywheel before stripping. The gear on this side is to drive the magneto.




On the 24th & 25th June 2001 the flywheels were given a third coat of Forest Green paint and the crankcase received its first coat of paint.


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