Root & Vandervoort factory c1915

Below are parts diagrams showing the "L" Line engine in the first two and the "R" Line in the second two.

The engine number and most parts numbers will give the type and hp of the "Triumph Line" engines.

For the L line engines AL=1hp, BL=2hp, CL=4hp, DL=6hp, EL=8hp, FL=10hp, and GL=12hp.
For the R line engines AR=1hp, SR=1.75hp, BR=2.5hp, CR=4hp, DR=6hp, HR=16hp, and JR=20hp.



Note: The Kerosene Attachment on the 12hp is of the same principal but has a different carby due to the addition of the fuel pump on the larger "Triumph" Engines.

This ad from 1913 shows an Elyria-Dean light plant powered by an R&V.

1912 Colour image



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