Here are some pictures from Henty 1999

ATIS List Members at Henty

Steam Traction Engines

A nice Marine engine driving a Carousel

Various Big Engines

The Big 4

A couple of nice Internationals

Another Type2 Massey-Harris

A couple of Fairbanks- Morse Z's

The Rainstorm

More after the rain shots

A Nice Steam Launch

A Gold Stamper Battery Set Up

A Very Large Austral

A Little Roseberry/Buzacott running a Cement Mixer

A Small Wolsley and Shearing Plant

A Star and a Gem

A Fowler Traction Engine

A 3hp Austral Permanently Mounted on a Trailer

A Monitor Copy

Mietz and Weiss Engine

A nice Cooper and water pump

My Engines loaded for the trip home